Evolution Series

evəˈlo͞oSHən: an organism's natural progression over the course of time, either by accident or by adaptation

This coaching series will introduce you to a specific theme that will pique your curiosity and cultivate your inclination to engage in a deeper dialogue. During a particular sequence, we will weave a common thread throughout the coaching conversation. I have mapped the journey and each week you will know something about the focus and where we are headed that day. I have also left sessions open for you to bring a topic that you want to discuss during the process.

We will meet in person or on the phone, both are equally effective. During a series, you will have the option to meet outdoors, for one or two activities, during the program. Otherwise, we will talk twice a month and leave room to integrate the material and balance our schedules.

Added value: designed outline, exercises, visualizations, applicable reading material, videos, up to two outdoor activities, unlimited email contact and other resources as they apply. 

Duration: you will choose between a six or twelve-month program for any of the Series below. 

The Collection

A) The Evolution of Purpose: 

After enough time and experience, life goals and objectives will inherently evolve into something different. This program is designed to hit the refresh button and examine what is true for you now. The process of coaching will prompt clear perspectives, generate thoughtful questions and bring more awareness to the choices you presently make. Coaching will give you practical tools that help you strategically move forward and claim your renewed purpose. 

B) The Evolution of a Leader: 

We are all leaders of our own life; paving the way in our unique direction of travel. Sometimes we lead by accident, other times we get promoted before we are ready; often, we strive to reach the top. This series is about leading responsibly with the intent to evolve and become more skillful as you go. Leadership extends far beyond the things you accomplish and get done. Rather, it is an expression of who you are and how you are being. Engage in a dialogue that will inspire you to lead authentically. 

C) The Evolution of Your Edge: 

Examine what is on the other side of your peak performance as an athlete, professional or parent. It is important to find new meaning when the unexpected happens and your life begins to change. It is comfortable to hold onto the past, including places or habits you have always known. This series is designed to help you navigate the new frontier, that undefined border between reluctance and grace. You will be better equipped to anticipate change and glide confidently into your next episode. 

D) The Evolution of Wholeness:

The older we get, the more evident it becomes that our life is an integrated system with a lot of moving parts. We juggle, we balance, we choose, we manage and we ultimately seek a state of equilibrium in the mix. This series is designed to examine and explore every aspect of your being. Are you living an intentional, happy, healthy and well-balanced life? Learn how every choice matters. 

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