Discovery Through Dialogue

After many years of taking the road less traveled, I am fortunate to have the capacity to see around the corners and visualize a niche that has not been filled. When what I envision becomes a compelling idea, something I am called to do - I have a choice to either ignore it or move towards it. Personally, I like to move! If this intrigues or resonates with you, we will have a lot to talk about. 

My consulting practice is different from coaching. Here, it is more appropriate to share my experience and expertise, the lessons I have learned, my challenges and insights. As a leader and mountain guide, I like to break the trail so you can get to your destination more quickly.

My Expertise Includes: 

  • Creating a vision
  • Starting a small business
  • Starting a non-profit
  • Designing programs and curriculum 
  • Leading and facilitating groups
  • Building workshops and retreats
  • Assembling sponsorship packages
  • Hosting fundraising events
  • Following an idea to reality
  • Develop a career that combines your passions
  • Mentoring you through the process

As your consultant, I will share information and create a dialogue around your interests. Whatever the topic may be, I am here to explore it with you. This can develop into an on-going interaction until you achieve your desired goal. Consulting is supported by coaching, and the process of inquiry that will inspire you, and provide you with the tools to get there. 

The Evolution of an Idea:

  • Inspiration - an event moves you and shifts your way of thinking        
  • Vision - new ideas emerge from the experience
  • Form - thoughts are cast into different shapes and perspectives
  • Voice - you begin to articulate our ideas with others
  • Connect - people point you in the right direction and you find new resources
  • Process - you take one step at a time and build upon your design from the ground up
  • Reality - your idea is manifested and true