Beyond My Comfort Zone

Beyond My Comfort Zone

To a child all the world is new, exciting and full of wonder. They enthusiastically try, fail and try again! The rewards here are great as the child naturally gains more personal freedom through self-discovery. Children remind me of the excitement and innate curiosity to be found within each new experience. So why is it that this inherent sense of fascination fades with time? 

When is the last time you took a risk? What did you notice?

In time, our actions become more calculated as we learn to consider the outcomes of our choices. Humans naturally learn and discern through a lot of trial and error. At what point do we stop taking chances because we are more afraid of potential failure than the opportunity to learn? 

I have always wanted to hold onto my childlike innocence for as long as I can. I love the clarity that comes with experiencing life for the first time through the eyes of a child. I became an explorer so I could continue to seek out uncharted territory and remain present to the challenge my outdoor pursuits have to offer. As I wander, I like to stretch and explore my limits, naturally expanding my comfort zone. Each time I expand a little further, I explore my self-imposed barriers and fears. If nothing else, it eliminates boredom and I naturally grow in the process of empowering myself. 

But what happens when the wanderer stops wandering? 

This can be foreign territory for those who love learning through movement. I can sense that something is slowly changing and shifting inside of me; I am not as driven to do and accomplish as much as I once did. And honestly, this is a relief! I get plenty done, yet I do not identify as much with physical tests and the desire to prove something to myself. I find that the silence and stillness has become the uncharted terrain for me. What will I find deep inside of myself when I am not reveling in the heights and turbulence of the rivers? Who am I then? 

If I continue to rely on each new quest to make me happy, it stands to reason that at some point, I will question the depth and truth of my existence. I have the wisdom to know I can run, but I can't hide. I am working towards settling in and being happy, right here in the simplicity of this moment. I strive for an art form called grace, and when I am able to tap into it, I always find more humility, confidence and peace. And each time, I find I can stay just a little bit longer. 

A true seeker and lover of life will learn to take risks in new ways that are free from the dependence upon identifications, labels and past experiences. The addiction to breaking barriers is a barrier itself, relying on the material world to "bring" us joy. As Exkhart Tolle explores in The Power of Now, the truth of us lies within this very moment, I am learning that my experience with real risk, not perceived, comes with the courage to be still in order to catch a glimpse of myself more clearly and ask, "what is my purpose here?" When I can rest in the silence long enough, I can hear my own voice and this, for me, is peace.