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Personal Coaching

Over the course of sixteen years I participated in many different experiences directed by Kim, ranging from overseas adventures and service projects,  to deeply inspirational Personal Coaching. I kept coming back because she has a gift for guiding each person individually, differently, yet all within the same well-conceived and organized program. I progressed beyond my highest expectations, physically, mentally and emotionally. Within Kim's programs, I tried some challenging things, succeeded, and even confirmed my life's purpose. 

Personal Coaching with Kim in my 50's prepared me for aging gracefully, assisting my elderly parents, enriching my marriage, and launching our youngest child. Kim's coaching guided me to a fresh look at my values, new discoveries and affirmations that illuminated the big picture determining my next step. I became grounded, sure of my purpose and the direction to take for the final third of life. Eight years later I am still on that path and very happy. 

-Anne Hughes, Homemaker, artist & adventurer, Madison, WI


Like all effective coaches, Kim is an exceptional listener. She will not only hear you, she will draw out the best in you. In the process, you will feel heard and respected. You will feel your potential being "seen", acknowledged, and developed - with integrity and grace.

-sandy heise, technical writer & editor, colorado


Executive Coaching

In all of the years I have worked with Kim, as a business owner, motivational educator, and ultimately, as a coach for senior executives - it is no surprise how she excels at connecting the magic of who you are as a person, with what you do professionally.

I have personally witnessed Kim empower clients to break down perceived barriers to their own success and literally go further than they ever thought possible.

Often people question the value of a coach and for Kim, that value is self-evident. If you are really interested in defining what is possible, I highly encourage you to retain her services.

-Luis Benitez, director, colorado outdoor recreation industry office, denver, co


Kim's interactive and life-balancing coaching approach is not only motivational, but also cultivates insightful and tangible techniques that can be used to assess and "own" leadership strengths and developmental needs. She opened the door to higher personal and professional awareness that has enriched my personal life, career and alignment with my team.

-monica cosentino-benedict, manager of compliance, lake buena vista, Fl


Kim is more than a coach - she is an amazing presence that gracefully gives space to the needs of my heart. In climbing the mountain of self, she is a patient and steadfast Sherpa who guides, directs and encourages. The hard work is still ours to accomplish, yet, it is so comforting to have her expertise a long the way.

Kim helped me feel that the talents and skills I bring to my role as a leader are valuable. Rather than feel bad about my self-perceived weaknesses, Kim encouraged me to embrace those qualities and work with them, as they are part of what makes me unique.

Kim asks just the right questions to prompt self-discovery and create new pathways of thinking. Rather than being told what to do or how to think, I was led to discover it myself which has been so much more meaningful and powerful.

-samantha hubbard, supervisor business development, orlando, FL


leadership advisor

After 16 years of observing, experiencing and benefiting from her work, I am confident in stating that Kim Reynolds is unique in the world of consultants, coaches, trainers, and facilitators. The inspiration, rigor, passion and commitment with which she embraces life at large, she brings to each and every client, program participant, and team member. She has an ability to step onto the path with her clients at specifically their point on the journey, and move gracefully forward in partnership. She easily and quickly understands and embraces her client's individual aspirations, concerns and challenges, facilitates discovery, movement and personal growth toward their desired future. I feel privileged and grateful to benefit from Kim's wisdom, insight, talent and experience!

-caroline fisher, ph.d, president fisher consulting group LLc, denver,co


Kim's calm, accepting and encouraging demeanor quickly eliminated any stigmas I had regarding "Leadership Training." Our time wasn't just about leadership, it was about learning who I am, what makes me tick, why I make the decisions I make. Ultimately, developing my own meaningful tools (based on values and experiences) to become a better person, a better husband, a better father, and yes, consequently, a better leader. Not because I was being taught "how to win friends or influence people," rather because our conversations took me to a place that held meaning and value to me. She compassionately exposed beliefs that are ingrained in my psyche, and helped me to unveil ways I can be the person I want to be, not just the person I defaulted to. I learned to examine myself, how I interact, and influence others. 

Kim led me to my own conclusions... she "facilitated" our conversations to help me come to the place I needed to be, in order to make a difference in my own life. Nothing about this experience was "textbook." The key ingredient I learned about myself is that "I want to LIVE my values, not just HAVE them." When I consciously pushed myself to reflect on my values daily, and evaluate my success at meeting them, I noticed everything in my life began changing for the good! I highly recommend Kim to anyone who is serious about wanting to change "habits" or "instincts" that can easily prevent you from reaching your full potential in life.

-Shawn steele, facilities manager, vigor industrial, Portland,OR


Having seen Kim lead and facilitate our staff, both professionally and personally, I have seen someone who truly cares about what each individual needs. Kim brings in her experience to give guidance and shine a light on new perspectives. From a group setting to a one-on-one coaching, you will not find a more compassionate and encouraging individual.

-casey montandon, program director, colorado outward bound school, moab, ut


programs and retreats

My life has been transformed by my experiences with Mind Over Mountains. I wasn't even aware of how closed off my life had become until my eyes were opened by workshops, journal exercises, and thought-provoking dialogue that I experienced at one of Kim's retreats. I felt like a dark veil was lifted, as the light began to shine in and I finally realized that I wanted to be the main character in my autobiography. The steps along the way were not always easy, the journey still continues, and I am proud to say that I am still on the path!

The Personal Coaching I did with Kim following the retreat was vital for me. I left the retreat open and raw, the groundwork had been laid, and I was finally ready to make the changes I needed to make in my life and in my thinking. I was able to take Kim home with me - via coaching on the phone once a week - and this kept the journey alive as I continued to feel inspired to move forward. It would have been easy to fall back into my "normal" patterns after I got home, but having the Personal Coaching relationship, I was able to stay focused on the fire that had been lit at the retreat!

-dottie engel, teacher, san diego, ca


It is easy to throw around the words "life changing" but after attending one of Kim's programs, I can honestly say that my life has completely changed. Through Kim's coaching process, she helped me get back in touch with the things that matter to me, and got me excited. She asks powerful questions, and with her savvy intuition, she guided me in a new direction that led me to a renewed sense of self and more confidence knowing I am on the right path. My adventurous spirit is alive and honored! I can't thank Kim enough for her well thought out programming and unique experience.

-sara goldman, founder & head coach, action first, washington, dc


Having known Kim, both professionally and personally, since 1985, I can truthfully say that the talent, wisdom, courage and spirit reflected in her character and work, lifts people up from the ordinary world. The programs and retreats, she designs and facilitates, always seem to transform everyone participating (including her co-leaders), combined with Personal Coaching, as the supportive next step. Kim is someone who everyone can learn from, aspire to, and be transformed by. I kid you not!

-virginia savage, ph.d, sports psychologist, co-leader mind over mountains, indianlantic, fl