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The call to lead is an inherent gift, and a conscious choice to serve and create a new reality. An evolved leader will draw upon the strengths of a team and embrace a collective vision. To land here, a leader will operate outside of self-interests and create an atmosphere of trust, innovation, fulfillment and possibility. In service of individual excellence and a unified purpose; a group and organization will rise towards peak performance. 

As a leadership advisor, I will champion your growth and evolution by being a sounding board, an objective resource, devil's advocate and consultant. Together, we will explore your areas of development, engage in dynamic dialogue, adapt useful tools and reflect on your impact. Support your process with Executive Coaching that will deepen our conversation and sustain your learning. 

There are numerous approaches to effective leadership development. I can create a platform or respond well to a system, method or process already in place. I like to lead and facilitate in a variety of settings.

Evolved leadership is a fundamental shift of mind. It is not only about what you are doing, it is about who you are being. 


Qualities of an evolved leader: 

  • Organized and proactive
  • Service beyond self
  • Authentic integrity
  • Acute levels of listening
  • Innovative and flexible
  • Engages in active dialogue
  • Respectful and calm
  • Approachable and reliable
  • Conscious choice of words
  • Above all, humility
  • Deep alignment with self and team                    
  • Connected to the pulse of an organization
  • Active journey of learning and discovery
  • Expands the capacity of others
  • Conscious competence and mastery
  • Aware, perceptive and present
  • Verbalizes the purpose, vision and values
  • Advocates healthy life and happy culture
  • Demonstrates keen emotional intelligence
  • Breadth of experience and wisdom

extensive experience leading groups
and facilitating discussions