This is your opportunity to delve into a topic that is most relevant to you; each session can be different, focused on what you want to talk about that week. I will offer exercises, visualizations and activities as they apply to the subject. We will dance in the moment as things come up, and the agenda will evolve to fit your priorities. This open topic series is dynamic and fun.

Choose a six-month or twelve-month package. We will meet twice a month in person or on the phone; both are equally as effective. Added value includes: applicable reading material, videos and other resources that are appropriate for the journey. 

Try it out with an Exploratory Call. 

Often Asked Questions    


When you aim to be your best and take a deliberate approach, it will reinforce your strengths and accelerate the desired outcome. I will ask you the thought provoking questions you may not ask yourself and hold you accountable for what you want. During the process, you will broaden your perspective, prompt new insights and unravel ineffective patterns that get in your way. We create a dynamic relationship that will both reveal and support your current vision. 

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Therapy is like looking in the rear view mirror, seeing where you have been and how you got there. Coaching is more like looking out the windshield at the road ahead at where you want to go. Together, we create a map, and I will hold accountable for what you want and how you intend to get there. I will ask the powerful questions that help you clarify the journey. 

Where do I start? 

You may choose to focus on something specific such as a personal challenge, a relationship, career change, life-transition or getting unstuck. All topics are fair game, and whatever you decide, we will inevitably end up coaching your whole-self. It is impossible to isolate one part of your life from the rest. You are an integrated system where all parts are connected and seeking balance. 

What will I learn?

We may begin with your outside circumstances, and then journey into deeper places, which will lead to the creative, resourceful and whole person you naturally are. I will give you useful tools focused on values, listening, productive and non-productive thinking, making conscious choices, effective communication and life purpose. We will identify unproductive patterns and habits and explore the alternatives. Coaching is a positive and dynamic process; you will lead me where you want to go. Be delighted when you begin to surprise yourself.          

What is the duration of the coaching process?

You will choose between a six-month or twelve-month package to begin with. Working with me is a commitment and constancy is an important element in getting the most out of your coaching experience. Endurance is crucial, and sticking with it will help you get to where you want to go. Please trust that it takes times to unravel your story, delve into the process and create long lasting, sustainable change.         

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