There is more in you than you know

I like to artfully combine my mastery of the outdoors with the calling to teach, have a deeper conversation and make a difference. I design extraordinary life experiences and make them accessible to the adventurous spirit. In the process, my hope is to inspire you to explore new territory, find the courage to dig deep and have fun in the process.

Group participation will elevate team-building, leadership development, communication, problem solving and cooperation. Here, you will find a safe place to face fears and expand self-limiting beliefs.

I have been leading groups and facilitating programs since I was nineteen around the globe in places like Colorado, Alaska, Italy, India, and Nepal. My experience tells me that blending the outdoors with personal challenge will shift your perspective and inspire valuable insights. Keep the learning alive through Personal Coaching. 

Choose a program or hire me to design a custom experience. More to come!