It's My Nature

I love to talk, share stories and explore ideas; it comes easy to an extrovert. When I was little, my nickname was Chatty Cathy yet I have no recollection of what I liked to chatter about. Even then, I felt compelled to connect with people, even strangers, and make them laugh or move them to tears. I am inspired when people rise above what they thought they were capable of and discover something new. I love to ignite the human spirit and I want to do that through words; I consider speaking to be a beautiful and creative art. 

Story Telling

I have stories based on adventures, pushing my physical limits, visiting remote places, climbing mountains and embarking on solo journeys. What gave my life the most meaning was when I began to combine my passion for adventure with my desire to give back and help others. I started a non-profit foundation serving Himalayan regions, I founded a women's ice climbing company that supports local women's shelters and I established a business dedicated to outdoor experience and personal transformation - providing professional coaching to generate sustainable change. 


At age 56, I was inducted into the American Mountaineering Hall of Excellence for a lifetime of achievement and giving back. Soon after, I passed the torch, sold my business and began again. I moved to the city, committed to a relationship and reinvented myself motivated by this new phase of life. Mind Over Mountains is an amalgamation of my journey so far, everything I love to do and have done for many years. 

Universal Message

I believe that we all share an elemental desire to find meaning in our experiences, especially in the recesses of ordinary life. My aim is to create an extraordinary life, and my hope is to inspire you to do the same. 

I have a lot to say, talk about and consider. I do not prefer polished talks; I work best when you give me a topic or ask me to come up with one based on my experience or the theme of your event; I would rather respond to what you are looking for in a speaker. I like to engage people, have them interact, learn something and take away a tiny nugget in the process. 

Speaking Engagements: 

  • GORE-TEX - Leading Entrepreneurs in the Outdoor Industry
  • American Mountaineering Hall of Excellence Induction Ceremony
  • The Summit Sisters - Women's Wilderness Conference
  • Colorado Outward Bound Community Fundraiser
  • Mistress of Ceremony - Chicks Climbing public events
  • Panelist - women in business: Outdoor Industry Women's Council
  • North Carolina Outward Bound Returning Staff Training Keynote
  • Telluride Women's Forum